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Hello all,
To make a long story short, I installed Ubuntu linux 13.04 after my Win7 install. I did an automatic install. Linux boots up just fine, but whenever I choose 'Win7' in grub, I get a message stating "Disk read error, press ctrl+alt+delete". Before I did the auto-install, I used GParted to create partitions and attempted a manual install which failed for unknown reasons. I believe the 100mb that Win7 reserves for the boot sector was corrupted somehow. Linux boots up, but Win7 doesnt. Reinstall Win7 over the current install to repair the corrupted boot sector??
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    Reinstall W7 over the top.
  2. Did you partition it for Ubuntu or just automatic? You should have done "Advanced install" and created a partition for Linux and a swap partition. Then just had 2 partition Grub should work perfectly fine then.
  3. Thanks everyone for your answers. I did an advanced install at first, and I created an extended partition with logical partitions consisting of space for linux-swap, root (/), /home and boot. During the advanced installation I received an error on the partition where the linux-swap was being installed. So, I got impatient (probably the problem) and restarted the system while it was trying to recover from the error. I deleted all the partitions until they were 'unallocated space', then I did an automatic install. I thought all was well until I tried to boot up Win7.

    I think I may have found the solution to the problem though. I just reinstalled Win7 over everything after I backed up my data. Thankfully I was able to pull my data from Win7's NTFS partitions via Ubuntu's file manager. I'll reinstall Ubuntu, but I'm going with 12.04 until 13 is more stable.
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Disk Read Error Dual Windows 7