computer starts, gets to the INTEL loading screen, then shuts down..

ok, ive posted a few threads on this problem, heres what happened. i have a older desktop computer, kids knocked it down off the computer stand, when i got to it, the ram was slipped lose, and that there was only 1 red cord plugged into the hard drive, ( not so sure if both are needed). i put that all back into place and started it up, it loads to the intel loading screen, then it shuts down. All the fans are spinning , including the PSU fan ...what im wondering is say if its a mother board issue, can i move all the parts over the another old desktop computer that has a working motherboard? would it work? n if its was the hard drive, can i swap over to my old hard drive , except it was running a different platform of windows? ty just need to know
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    There should be a power cord and a sata cable plugged into the hard drive. You should never try to take parts out unless you are experienced at doing so and know they will work with the other PC since there are many incompatibility issues. Motherboard should be fine if you are seeing the intel screen.
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