GTA 4 - good buy on PC?

if any of you don't know, there is a sale going on amazon for a large number of video games, and i thought i'd buy GTA 4. i've came across some people saying that there are performance issues, and that it is a bad choice on PC.
are they right? i mean, are there any un-fixable issues like in assassin's creed 3 or are they problems that i can fix by myself online?
FX-4100 OC'd to 4.1ghz
8GB ram
windows 7 64Bit
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  1. your computer will run GTA IV, but in all things on that game you will suffer performance issues seemingly regardless of your PC specs, the game, while fun in and of itself, is a terrible console port and can be highly unstable. There are no unusual bugs in the base game for GTA IV (the usual open world bugs that you'll see in any open world game) but nothing game breaking from my experience.
    If your a fan of game mods, GTA IV has some great ones but they are a ton of work to get functional.

    to summarize, your PC can run it, likely better than most. But whether or not its a good buy for you is dependent on how much you can take a semi spastic game performance.
  2. nilloc93 summed it up very accurately. :) GTA IV , a console port ,will run on your PC ...but do not expect a fluid gaming experience.One thing you have to keep in mind ,apart from your PC's specifications,is also the storage space you are installing it on....I had it on one that came with my earlier computer and FPS considerably improved after I swapped out my hard disk and ran contig.exe,though it may not work for everyone.There are loads of tweaks /mods and it is fun experimenting with them [sometimes more than the game-play] but at times,they render your game unplayable if not installed correctly.Fixing them requires quite some time/patience.All in all,if you have the patience,it can be a very rewarding experience.Hope this helps...:)
  3. are the bugs unfix-able? i mean, like in AC3 where it had really awful FPS that no one could fix or is it possible to fix them?
    also when u said "fluid gaming experience" did you mean FPS like on the console?
    for example: star wars the force unleashed and LA noire both had FPS lockers. is it the same for GTA?
    thanks for the replies!!
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    No no,the bugs aren't un-fixable .Vanilla GTA IV as such has no bugs,at least to me ,on my PC,but will elaborate on that later. :) Trouble arises mostly when you try to install mods....take car packs/vehicle packs ,which replace default cars with ones you want,for example.They give rise to the taxi bug some times if your PC isn't powerful enough to generate vehicle models quick enough.I tried it on my PC but could not get it working so I went back to the default cars.I know that there are tons of sites offering tutorials...maybe you could get it working,for I gave up after trying many sites,except for those which asked me to register for a single file.But on the other hand ,there is the ICEnhancer mod which if done properly,is very enjoyable. :) You could YouTube it and see for yourself.
    Coming to Vanilla GTA IV,there is no ''FPS Locker'' as such...but due to it being a port console,it stutters and drops frames sometimes,and that can be annoying if you are looking for a constant 60+FPS gaming experience...Google it,you can find lots of people complaining about that....My advice to you would be to get the Complete edition,if you do decide to get it...I have heard that the other two parts-[The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and the Damned] are more optimized,though I haven't played the other two parts,I have the stock version of GTA IV...I would say,go for it,you won't be disappointed and if you are reluctant..YouTube ICEnhancer..That should help you in making up your mind...:D ..Hope this helps. :)
  5. fantastic answers, thank all of you! you've all helped a lot :)
  6. :) A word of caution,if you decide on installing mods,is to please copy and take a backup of your entire GTA IV folder to a different location.If the mod does not work,you could always revert to your old game by copying the backup to wherever you install the game,You do not have to install again and again.Also,remember to patch the game to at least v1.0.4.0 [though patch v1.0.6.0 removes social club and changes the way shadows are rendered,but v1.0.4.0 is said to be the most stable one with mods].Hope this helps. :)
  7. THANKS!!
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