How to set up additional case fans for CM Elite 430 Case


As I am about to get a new GTX 760 graphics card with EVGA ACX cooling, I thought it might be a nice idea to get some extra case fans to keep it cool in there.

I need some help on where to install any new fans I buy though.

I am thinking about buying a Sharkoon Silent Eagle 1000 120mm fan:

And maybe buying more in future to replace the fan which came with the case.

If I was to buy this fan though, where should I put it? I am new to computer building still, so I am quite clueless. I am thinking about putting it at the rear as an exhaust fan to take out all the hot air coming from the CPU, GPU and RAM. Would this work out?

The case is a Cooler Master Elite 430, and here is a diagram to illustrate things:

So at the "Rear 120mm" point, I plan to put the fan as an exhaust. Alternatively, would it be better placed at the top over the CPU or RAM as an exhaust?

Finally, is it even worth getting extra fans? I read that it can drastically lower temperatures of all components if places in good places.

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  1. With the open top that case has, you may not even need a top fan. Natural convection will draw heat out the top. And a front intake fan, rear exhaust fan is usually sufficient for stock systems.

    If you decide to put 1 or more top fans in, yes have them exhaust. If you have room for a 120mm fan in the floor, have it intake along with the front fan. That will create nice airflow from front/bottom over the card/processor and out the top/back.
  2. Thanks for the response.

    So I don't really need another fan at all? Would it be good measure to just put the one exhaust at the rear slot then?

    I don't think I'll have room for an intake at the bottom, unless I do some serious cable management.

    And one thing, if I put the fan at the rear, would it need a mesh / dust filter? It is just the bare metal of the case at the moment, is that suitable for a fan or not?
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    A front and rear fan would be the best, yes. It creates air flow that way. Filters are only desirable on intakes, not exhaust. There's no reason to filter the air leaving the case. If your top vents have no filter, just open the case occasionally and blow it out with a gentle blast of canned air.

    After you've been up and running for awhile, keep an eye on temps for awhile. If the card is getting too hot, you may want to add top fans. But GPUs can take a lot more heat than CPUs. Your card has a max temp of 97C:
  4. Okay. I will buy one Sharkoon fan and install it as an exhaust at the rear now. I just wanted to make sure I don't make some sort of error that will mess up the air flow completely and do harm rather than good.

    Thanks for the help!
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