Asus PB278Q vs Dell UltraSharp U2713HM

The title pretty much says it all and if it doesn't just tell me :P
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    Pretty similar, I'd go Asus with the faster 5 vs 8 response time and better contrast ratio
  2. I'm extremely happy with this monitor.

    I spent the last two months building my first computer.

    I went through about 1.5 months of monitor exchanges with Amazon and Newegg, two terrific companies that made it easy to find the right monitor. I first went with the 2713hm having read CNET's review and a few others online. At first, I was happy with the 2713hm. I noticed a lot of back-light bleeding that made movies not very good, but I said whatever. However, after a few days I noticed that the bottom right corner had a cross-hatching pattern (like a very light grey diagonal checker-box pattern). I tried to ignore, but couldn't. Everytime I G-chated, or got flash-banged in a computer game the pattern looked terrible. I figured I shouldn't have to deal with this for $550 monitor. So, I returned the 2713hm for another with Amazon. To my immense surprise, the FIVE replacements that I eventually took with Amazon not only cross-hatching but also new defects like dead pixels and worse back-light bleeding. It was so frustrating, but thank god Amazon has really terrific customer service. I even tried to a RMA with dell, and spent 1.5 hours on the phone being transfered and trying to get my hands on a May 2013+ 2713HM where these defects were fixed. They send me, without my permission at 2713H, which has extreme color saturation and looks terrible for sRGB content (e.g., games, internet, movies). I was so frustrated.

    I decided then to go with a ASUS PB278Q. Compared to the Dell, I figured the colors were rated very slightly less, but there were no reports of cross-hatching. I was also worried that the stands wasn't as good and the customer service wasn't as good.

    HOWEVER, my first ASUS PB278Q I got in the mail was glorious and ended for me this almost 2-month long, expensive, stressful ordeal with 5 Dell monitors. The monitor's colors seems just as good as the Dell 2713HM, and I have high standards. What's much better is that there is no cross-hatching. I get beautiful whites, even when I inspect. There were no dead-pixels, no back-light bleed (although they have had reports of this, so be ready to return one or two with AMazon if you want a perfect panel). The stand is even better than the 2713HM in my opinion. All black and square with shinny accents. The dell asthetic looks too business for me. The ASUS is more sleek and cool looking.

    Anyways. I've been through hell with these monitors but I'm happy that I did it. My ASUS is the prefect size, price, and quality for me.

    Morals of the story (as I see things)

    -avoid the 2713HM due to cross-hatching.
    -ASUS has just as good everything as the 2713hm
    -don't give up. you're paying for a $550+ monitor and you shouldn't have to put up with defects.
  3. Glad to hear all is well.........finally ;) Enjoy!
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