Any battery expert please help me!!!

I had been fighting with my alienware m14x for a while now (1 month). Ever since I downloaded windows 8, it's been causing me some weird problems.

The main problem is that the battery won't charge. And yes, I have searched infinite amount of solutions and tried a lot of things like removing battery and holding the power button for 30 seconds but I can't find the right answers for my very specific problem.

My laptop used to shut down if I moved it too much (kinda weird because if I put it still, it would be okay, but if I hit it or moved it, it would turn off). Sometimes when I plugged in the AC adapter, the adapter would turn off!!

And finally now the battery won't charge.

So I thought myself: Is the battery dead???

But then I began to think something was wrong and I could fix it instead of wasting money on a new battery (in case I am correct). But I need your help since I haven't found the solution.

So the weird things are:

- The battery is not old, it looks fine.

- Dell has an option where you can check the charge status and health by pressing a button and see led lights. So I did the test, and it resulted to be healthy.

The most important point:

- Everytime the battery is supplied by energy (reconnecting AC adapter or the battery directly), the laptop will charge for around 1-3 seconds and then stop. I know this because I got an alienware m14x and the color changes. Effectively, it charges a little.

If I continued reconnecting AC adapter for the whole day I would be getting a fully charged battery.

So I believe that battery is not dead, and AC adapter seems to be working fine. I tried modifying BIOS and reinstalling drivers, which I find it weird that this happened JUST RIGHT AFTER I installed windows 8.

I would appreciate if an expert with knowledge or anyone that knows what's happening, could help me with this problem.

Thank you for the attention
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  1. With a laptop I seen ac adaptores with low output cause issue your talking about. One thing that also tossed a red flag is moving the laptop turns it off.
    Could be a bad wire in the ac adaptor or the power pin on the laptop is broken or the soilder joint is. When power goes into a laptop there s a power board or parts that split power to the system board and battery charging. If the power pin is bad it can zap the mb. The last issue is the controll chip in the battery went bad. A lot of batteries have a smart chip in them. If you can try te battery in another laptop.
  2. The moving laptop disconnect issue didn't happen with ONLY AC adapter connected, it happened in both cases(battery with&without AC). It doesn't happen anymore as the battery won't even charge normally now.

    Also the battery ONLY charges for 3 seconds when connecting the AC adapter or the battery directly. Why does this happen?? How can I solve it?
  3. I tried pushing the health light that dell batteries have. And according to DELL, if you push it once, you see the % charge, and if you hold it a little bit and if you don't see nothing, it means the battery is healthy. And my battery is indeed healthy, since it doesn't show any light when holding the button. It only shows 1 light when pressing it because it has no % charge.
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