Motherboard geniuses.. help! how do i disable onboard sound -ASUS mobo-

First off, I KNOW this is one hell of an ask, because the chances are you guys definitely do not have the same motherboard as me, but MAYBE, just maybe asus motherboards all have the same bios.

Anyway I am going to get a sound card in around 3 days time so I was just looking in the bios as to how to disable my onboard sound. (I have an asus p8z68-v pro gen 3 motherboard).

So I went into advanced and the only option relating to audio that was there was 'hd audio manager'. The 'manager' part threw me off a bit.. To me that does not sound as though it is my onboard sound.

Is there anyway I can cut corners here and disable my onboard sound without having to go into the abyss of the bios!? I don't like the bios. It's scary.
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  1. unfortunately no. when you install the new sound card it will show 2 sound cards in windows. what is so scary? just read you mobo manual and it will tell you had to disable it without guessing
  2. Go to Integrated Peripherals and disable Onboard Audio Function
  3. From what i remember 20 minutes or so ago when i check there was DEFINITELY no integrated peripherals section

    This youtube video is LITERALLY my bios, would one of ya mind spotting it out for me please?
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    I found it,
    goto 'advance mode' which is top right corner.
    Goto to the 'advance tab' and select 'onboard device configuration'.
    Then 'disable' HD audio Controller.
  5. Let me just ask this with regards to my problem. Do you want to disable the onboard sound because of encountering a microphone issue or..?

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