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Hello, A little while ago i asked for help choosing a CPU cooler, having gotten the 212 EVO I'm having a hell of a time getting it installed onto my CPU. currently my problem is that the risers (stand offs) that come with it do not seem to thread with the nuts that also came with.
I've been trying to attach the rear mounting plate for a long time and i know I'm attaching the nuts level to the riser threading, but 3 of the risers won't thread with the nuts and i cannot attach the rear mounting plate without them.

Am i doing something wrong? Is there a step i am missing?
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  1. What motherboard/rig?

    Can you take pics?
  2. On an intel bd you use the backing plate with the feet ones toward the cpu socket, on amd bds you flip it over so the feet face away from the bd and then you bolt thru the one that are flush with the bd. If your still having problems see if the bolts and nuts threat together in your hands
  3. my problem was not the mobo the issue is the nuts not threading into the risers for the backplate
  4. Cross-threading:
    *Then see the VIDEO BELOW in my post below.

    They do recommend cross-threading. For example, screw in the first nut slightly, then screw in the one DIAGONAL to it. Then do the other threads. Go back and repeat two or three times by tightening a bit each time.

    The only thing I could think of is that you've tightened the first one or two so much that the threads don't line up (hence the cross-threading advice).


    Tell us:
    1) Intel or AMD motherboard?
    2) Skip to 15 minutes, then explain where your problem is again so we can compare.
  6. ok people, i am trying to explain that this is not an issue with the spring loaded screws. this is not an issue with the mobo, this is not an issue with the mounting plate. (not specifically those but just a picture so you know what i'm talking about)
    the risers ^, that came with the 212 EVO, do not thread with the nuts that came with them.

    again not specifically the things in the picture but those are where my issues are.

    the risers (or stand offs) will not thread onto the nuts at all, what i wan't to know is, is there a special way to put these nuts on? I'm asking this because the nuts do not seem to fit onto the risers.
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