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hi guys
I have just built a new computer and I have installed the operating system but my computer wont shut down unless I manually do it. Like when tell the computer to shut down (using the mouse) is goes through the sequence and the screen shuts down and the computer becomes quieter but its still going. I can restart properly though. Btw I have a asus motherboard
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  1. It an asuS bios bug. Turn off the pc pull power from the wall. Drain power from the mb and clear the CMOS. If it does it again flash the bios to the newest rev and then clear the CMOS.
  2. I have already tried :(
  3. asus p8z77-v pro
    16gb 2x8gb corsair dominator platinum
    i7 3770
    2tb Seagate barracuda
    120samsung 840palit gtx 770
    nzxt phantom
    corsait tx850
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    MakE sure you pull power from the wall and let the power good led go out. Asus mb hold power and won't clear the CMOS.
  5. can u run me through on how to clear the cmos maybe im doing it wrong
  6. hi smorizio
    Thanx for helping I finally got my computer to shut down!!

    Regards Zac krashman
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