Thoughts on this PSU, compared to other PSUs around it's price range

I believe it's made by super flower, how good are they?
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    That capstone is a very good unit, and a great value. BUY it.

    Superflower makes fantastic PSU's
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  3. The capstones are good psu`s, but that company also makes some duds.

    I`d stick with the basics personally. XFX, seasonic or corsair. Can`t go wrong with them.
  4. That psu is about good. Its not a seasonic but its still good. If you can seasonic or antec is better, but still good.
  5. I agree with Blackbird 100% Here something that might be of interest As with any guide there may be psu's that aren't listed, or you may have your own opinions on various units. However you can visit SilentPCReview, PCPer, AnandTech, HardwareSecrets, HardOCP, and jonnyGURU for in-depth psu reviews. Here is a handy chart of power supply reviews available:
    If you'd like to know who manufactures a certain power supply, here are some charts and instructions that you can use to look it up:
  6. Super Flower is a quality oem of psus. It's a good price because of gold rating.
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