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Installing 1 SSD and 3 HDD. How should i go about setting it all up?

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July 8, 2013 9:08:53 PM

Hey! I have a Samsung 840 pro 128gb that i want to run in my p55a-u3dr motherboard on SATA III. I also have 3 other hard drives. A WD Black 1TB (also want to run this in SATA III) and two Samsung 1TB spinpoints. My questions are, how would i go about setting this up? What settings or configuring do i need to do before i can have it all working. My OS is installed on the SSD and i look to use the two 1TB spinpoints for back ups or extra storage. I've heard RAID is good for this? Thanks!

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July 14, 2013 11:50:25 AM

First off put the SSD, assuming your using this for the OS, on the SATA 1 port on the mobo and it should default to this for the C: drive. then install the HDD's on each consecutive SATA plug after that 2-3-4 and so on. Then install the other SATA stuff like dvd drives and burners.

Now as for RAID as simply as I can say it this is not what I think you are looking for. What RAID does is either speed up your HDD read times by accessing 2 or more drives at once, this is called a Stripe or RAID 0, the more drives the faster the access times, but on the turn side of the coin each HDD added you increase your chances of data loss because the information is split up and distributed evenly to the drives if one fails all the info on the others is useless. The other standard kind of RAID is a mirror or Raid 1 What this does is exactly what it says it mirrors the info on both drives. This is for a constant backup everything is written the same on both drives so if one fails you can unplug it and your info is not lost, this RAId however if you have 2 1Tb drives in RAID 1 you only get 1Tb of storage as the info writes on both drives the same. Here is the Wiki novel on this.
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