triple monitor display question!

So I am thinking about getting a triple monitor setup for my new computer. My graphics card would be a GTX 770.

I am thinking of either going tri 24 inch monitors or tri 27 inch monitors.

Would a 770 be able to do any of the two setups?
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  1. Depends a lot on what games you'll be playing. This review includes benchmarks at 5760x1080:
    If by triple 27 inch monitors you mean 7680x1440 total resolution, I think you'd need at least 2 690s or 3 Titans, and possibly even that wouldn't be enough.
  2. Well these would be the games I would play:

    Fallout: New vegas and 3
    Mirrors Edge 1 and 2
    Portal 1 and 2
    BattleField 3 and 4
    Max payne 3
    sonic generations
    GTA San andreas/3
    The Sims 3

    so what does anybody think? or should I just get 2 27 inch or 2 24 inch?
  3. Size of the screen doesnt matter, just the resolution of the screens involved.
  4. oh ok it would be 1920x1080 60hz and so 3 or 2 monitors better for the gtx 770?
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    Don't game across 2 monitors - that would put the bezels right in the middle. I think there are a few curved 2880x900 displays that wouldn't have the bezel problem, but one of those would still be treated by the video card like 2 monitors, and from what I can find, nVidia Surround only works with 3. An AMD video card should work with a 2880x900 monitor. If you just want more than 1920x1080, you might consider a 2560x1440 monitor like the Asus PB278Q or Auria EQ276W as an alternative to 3 monitors at 1920x1080. Some games have compatibility issues with gaming across multiple monitors (I haven't checked your list), but you wouldn't have to worry about that with a 2560x1440 monitor.
  6. oh ok I get it now, So I am thinking of 1 gtx 770 and a ASUS PB278Q WQHD monitor at 2560x1440. would that be good for a single card/monitor setup?
    You might need to bring settings down a bit from the max if you want 60 fps in BF3, though it's hard to predict BF4 frame rates when it's still a few months away from release. I think the other games in your list are less demanding than BF3, so they'll be fine with the 770.
  8. oh alright and I decided on keeping my Samsung T27B350Nd 1920x1080p at 60hz monitor and going with a 780.
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