AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE heating problem

My CPU is running at 3.2 Ghz (not overclocked)everything else is running at stock.On the stock cooler I was getting 75'C at full load and 50'C on idle.Then I installed a Deepcool Gamma Archer and now I'm getting 83'C at full load and 63'C at idle.My System specs-
CPU-AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE
GPU-XFX Radeon 5770
Cpu Cooler-Deepcool Gamma Archer
PSU-I-ball sprinter 500W
RAM-Transcend 8Gb @1333Mhz

Additional information-While changing the CPU Cooler I did apply some thermal paste.

My Cabinet has 2 120mm and 1 80mm fan.
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    well if I remember correctly, the stock cooler actually has a copper baseplate, a couple heatpipes and uses thin stamped fins to dissipate the heat. However, it's compact and the fan faces down, so it's not the best cooler in the world. The deepcool gamma archer seems to be a step down as it's merely a milled aluminum block. Either way, you shouldn't be hitting temps THAT high if you have it set up correctly. I advise getting a vertical tower design cooler like a cooler master hyper 212 or something similar. That way instead of blowing hot air down at your motherboard and all around the case, it directs the hot air towards the rear exhaust fan where it is sucked out of the case. Also make sure you install it properly. make sure any thermal paste residue is cleaned off the cpu, and the base of the heatsink is clean, and apply the correct amount of thermal paste, preferably something like arctic silver 5, not that white ceramic crap. And you only need enough to get a good contact area, less is more, as long as you put enough on to make a smooth contact between the heatsink and cpu.
  2. +1 the Gamma Archer is only designed for up to 95W CPUs and yours is 125W. Also did you clean the old paste off properly when installing the new cooler?
  3. i installed it to today
    and im getting high temp
    i even barely put the cooler on
    and its designed for my socket
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