New Built Pc | Windows 7 " No Device Drivers were Found"

I am loading it off of a usb and cant seem to get it to install, any suggestions?
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    What it is saying is windows has found a device inside your computer.
    But it is not in the windows driver data base.
    So it is likely you need the CD/DVD that came with the motherboard you bought.

    You should install all of the drivers contained on the CD/DVD

    Or you can go to the board makers website to get the drivers windows requires.

    Just find out the brand of board and the model number.
  2. Are you able to boot to the desktop? And what are your specs, like motherboard type/model? Usually during Windows installation you can install the device drivers when Windows finding certain hardware that needs drivers. It should detect the USB drive but depending on how your drivers are stored on the USB WIndows might not be able to use them, at least until you can get to the desktop.
  3. i have the z87-g41. i just got the computer to boot for the first time and this is the first time ive tried to install windows 7
  4. i put my USB on my on-board USB Port and it works... on Casing USB Port... not working
  5. Just had the same thing, installing from usb stick for which i used rufus to create bootable stick.

    Couldnt get it to work from usb 3.0 port but found that you have to swap the stick to usb2.0 port and since my new mobo (asus maximus hero 7) doesnt have usb 2.0 i used the one for mouse..

    Then it worked no problem yeea!!
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