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So one of my friends wants to run games better, but has a laptop. Yep thats the problem, but I have heard about external Desktop graphics cards being used on laptops.
1: Is that actually possible
2: What do you need to do that
3: Would a 7750 with a CX500 work
4: Bottleneck with Intel Core 2 duo @ 2 GHz
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  1. i heard about this thing for long and there were even some kind of prototype showed how it is done. but somehow the idea does not really take off. my personal take is that maybe laptop OEM does not like it thus not giving enough contribution to make it happen. because if such thing become widely the norm to the people they may have hard time to sell their expensive gaming lappy?
  2. Yeah thats true. I have seen a few articles on it and since he wants an upgrade, and I am planning on buying a new graphics card I was going to sell him my Unopened CX500 and my 7750.
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