Which is best - LCD or LED display?

For most people, the difference between LCD and LED is just about abbreviation. While LCD means liquid crystal display, LED is the short for light emitting diodes. Popular notion is that screens of both technologies are more or less the same. However, there are glaring differences between the two technologies, and these differences help store owners and businesses favour one over the other. Below discussed are the major differences;

From the aspect of power efficiency

Light emitting diodes are known for bringing a revolution in power saving display machines. As compared to other machines, LEDs consume far less energy and helps in bringing down power bills. LCD technology is also efficient but it lags behind LED when it comes to power saving. For businesses that require displays running throughout day & night, LED based machines are obviously the right choice.

From the aspect of color accuracy

Businesses prefer displays that offer a better visual experience to customers and passersby. In case the display is expected to be outdoors, then, this factor becomes even more crucial. It is proven fact that LEDs offers a much better visual experience & color accuracy as compared to LCD displays. So, if you are looking for a communication display with greater color accuracy, LED message board has to be the obvious choice.

From viewing angle point of view

Issues related to viewing angle are well known with LCD televisions and displays. Viewing angle of a LCD device is limited as contrast ratio starts to diminish while moving beyond 30 degree from the centre. LEDs on the other hand offer no such glitch and offer a much larger viewing angle to the viewers. This works for businesses that are mostly targeting moving traffic.

From the aspect of size

Size is a major issue for businesses with less on-premise space; LEDs are slimmer in nature and occupy less space as compared to LCD displays. Though the difference is not very large, it obviously matters for stores that look forward to slimmer digital solutions. However, the size issue is not a major one if one is going for outdoor electronic billboard.

While LED is obviously the better choice for business promotion and usage, LCDs are preferred by professional gamers as issues like burn-in are less likely to happen. LED is the better technology at present for digital solutions, and leading automated digital solutions companies realize this. Because of the benefits LED brings, major display players like AD Systems use it to develop indoor outdoor solutions for their clients.

LED solutions are a bit high in value as compared to LCD but some display brands make sure small and medium businesses benefit from their products by offering financing options.

While choosing digital display products for your store, don’t forget to confirm following four points;

LED may be the better technology but it is also important to choose the right product supplier. So, purchase your digital display from a reputed digital system supplier.
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    Thats a nice spiel you have, though you have missed something. LCD and LED technologies don't even serve the same purpose nor do they have a similar function inside a monitor.

    LCD is the technology responsible for just about every modern display on the market, it is used to create the panel in the monitor, the coloured surface which a light is shone through to get the image to your eyes.

    This is where LED comes in, LED's can be used for that light source. Its main alternative is CCFL or Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting.

    Do some research before trying to sway people, though I realize this is probably spam for the EC21 website you have linked throughout.
  2. okay so why you not point out Wikipedia websites,I also put links this site as well.
  3. Joe henry said:
    I read this post completely, I never feel that you post spam for E21 website.This website is already a well reputed website, I check this site personally.But Rajnish Kumar criticism is every where don't let down ,my personal view about your post is that i get some idea about the difference about LED or LCD,so thanks.

    Thanks dear for your comment.
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