i5 3570K + Hyper 212 Evo O/C Temps

i know ivy bridge has an issue with it running hot so im just look for an opinion on wether my temps are safe for my O/C

im on a 6 fan setup - push and pull Hyper 212 Evo
ceramique 2 TIM used ( have artic silver 5 as well which is better )
currently im on 4.6ghz with my max temp being 86c Vcore @

is that ok for 4.6 1.224volts

also whats the difference in running my ram in 133 instead of 100mhz dram clock
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  1. Temp is a bit high... what method did you use for TIM application? Have you tried cleaning and re seating the cooler? Does it wiggle at all? Really wondering if you are not making good contact
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