Sony CECH-ZED1U 3D 240HZ LED Full HD Gaming Monitor! FOR PC GAMING???

Right now I can get a very good deal on a refurbished 240HZ LED Sony PS3 gaming monitor...... I am currently running a 60HZ LCD monitor and want to upgrade. I will be using this monitor solely for my GAming rig which I have built myself and currently is running SLI GTX 560TI 2GB cards. My question is, is this monitor thats 240hz and designed for a PS3 going to be the upgrade in quality of picture that I am desiring? Or should I just go buy a normal PC gaming monitor? The Benq 120HZ models are more expensive then what I could be getting this one for as well as other good reputation brand models. Does anyone have any experience running PC games on the SOny PS3 240HZ monitor?
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  1. it emailed me i got a reply to this and i clicked on the link ...and its just my original post.....what am i not seeing?
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