third monitor not working on hd 7870 have active mini port display adator? help

hello i am have the same problem but one step more i have an activemin display adatore two of them and still have only two out of three monitors i can run two mini display /1xmini,dvi/1xmini,hdmi/1xdvi,hdmi/but 3 nope 2x mon max 1xmini 1x hdmi/1xmini 1x dvi/ 1xdvi 1xhdmi ok but when u do this 1xmini,1xdvi,1xhdmi u only get two out of three some time pc sees third simetime not when i start playing around a bit lol trying to get it (third monitor ) running. what can i do?? help i have a pc shop looking in to this to and there (schratching there heads) blank.???
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    the dvi and hdmi ports are shared with one of the mini display ports, you can only output to two at a time so you will need a second mini display port adapter.

    so dvi or hdmi and 2 mini displayport for 3 monitors.
  2. It sounds like your active adapter may actually be passive. What card do you have and what is the model of the adapter that you are using?
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