What does this mean?

Hey Guys,

I guess I need some help with knowing this. Can anyone tell me how on earth I have Core i7 3517U and at the same time Core i3 3227U?

(Screenshots in next post)

Which CPU is my actual processor and why is it showing two CPUs instead of one?

This two processor thing is showing up in my laptop.


luckiest charm
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  1. we can't see the tiny screen shot. Can you provide a link?
  2. Best answer
    Ah well here you go -

    I am sorry I can't present anything bigger than this as it is native resolution photo.
  3. it could be a misread from cpuz. it has been known to happen.
  4. have your tired a different program?
  5. have your tired a different program?
  6. ethereal essence said:
    it could be a misread from cpuz. it has been known to happen.

    I have been using CPU Z since last 2-3 years and so far nothing like that came up.

    CPU Z is very reliable in my opinion.
  7. 06yfz450ridr said:
    have your tired a different program?

    I am afraid not. Kindly suggest an alternative.
  8. luckiest charm said:

    I have been using CPU Z since last 2-3 years and so far nothing like that came up.

    CPU Z is very reliable in my opinion.

    be that as it may i have seen instances of cpu-z reading cpus wrong. for example... someone unlocked the hidden cores on an athlon II x2 and it was read by cpu-z as a phenom II x4... the only thing is that this is impossible since the athlon II's didn't have an L3 cache and the phenom IIs did.

    I know that this isn't the same situation but you have 2 different sources giving you different cpu info. one of those sources is wrong.
  9. Ah well since this is a laptop which does not support any sort of hardware tweaking (Unlocking cores is not possible since no extra cores exist) and overclocking.

    What are the two sources? The only one I have listed here is CPU Z.
  10. yeah like i said, not the same situation and wow... yeah, my bad. well cpu z is definitely wrong some where then... maybe it just doesn't like your cpu?
  11. I wonder what bad my CPU did for CPU Z. :lol:

    So do you or anyone else know which CPU have I exactly got? I bought it after thinking it has got an i3 but since it states CPU name as i7 (And the fun thing is that both the CPUs are are exact same clock speeds), I think Dell guys installed an i7 instead of i3. :p

    I wish I could use anything else to verify it.
  12. go into control panel > system > device manager > expand processor

    if you see 4 processors listed here, you have an i3, if you have 8 then it is an i7

    it will show you the physical and virtual cores.

    It is likely that cpu z is having a harder time determining the cpu due to it being a laptop (could be something in the bios or other dell trickery)
  13. 4 cores are listed there.

    Okay so now the problem is that both i7 and i3 models listed above have same number of physical and virtual cores too (Both are dual core with Hyper-Threading). :P

    Still not getting to know it ... It could be either one of those ...
    As far as I know machines do not have IQ so they can not think and list any very similar processor out there in info and make people think they have an i7 out there.

    This must have something to do with Dell.
  14. The i7 should have turbo boost up to 3GHz while the i3 does not try running a single thread on prime 95 and see what the CPU speed hits.
  15. hwinfo64
  16. hmmm I thought for sure that i7s were quad cores... my bad on that one. simon's right, a quick benchmark would tell you what you have beyond a shadow of a doubt. look up the benchmarks for the i7 and compare your results.
  17. I will take a test tonight (On PC currently) and would find out which CPU and I exactly running. :P
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