GTX 760 2GB SLI vs. GTX 770 4GB on 3*1080p

So i'm still configuring my build but i can't decide which GPU(s) i should take.

I plan on gaming on 3*1080p screens, mostly non-heavy graphics games like World of Tanks, Left4Dead,...

I would like to play those games at high-max on surround, on other games i would turn down details or switch to a single screen if necessary.

Now i'm stuck between:
2* GTX 760 2GB
or 1* GTX 770 4 GB.
(AMD is out of the question because i'll also work on the rig and therefore i prefer the -30W difference on multimonitor idle, SLI GTX 770 is also out of the question)

Are 4GB on non-heavy graphics games necessary on 3*1080p? Or would i benefit more from the GPU power of a 760 SLI?

GPU(s) will be fired by a i5 4670k (not OC atm)

Thanks a lot in advance!
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  1. I would recommend 4GB for 5760x1080

  2. Nice, thanks a lot BigMack70! The LegitReviews link is what i needed!

    in that case i'll buy those 2 gtx 760. :)
  3. BigMack70 said:

    When will people learn that you cannot make "amount of VRAM used" a test for how much VRAM is needed for optimum performance? Games fill up more vram than they need...

    Now in fairness, it does look like 8xMSAA requires more than 2GB vram at that resolution in FC3, but it's irrelevant as none of these setups are playable at that resolution:

    Just because older games don't saturate the available vram doesn't mean that a bottleneck isn't a possibility in newer games. I was showing the utilization of ram for a popular (albeit aged) game. Regardless of whether FC3 is playable at those settings, the bottleneck for the SLI setups was the ram and this trend is likely to continue with newer titles.
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