Moving Windows 8 from laptop HDD to SSD.

I recently bought a Lenovo Y500 and it came pre-installed with Windows 8 on its HDD (I was really hoping they'd put it on the SSD). But since they didn't, I'm now looking for the best way to move my OS over to the SSD.
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  1. Clean install , how big is the SSD.
  2. I would highly suggest a clean install, as when you first install Windows it looks at its environment and sets itself up to meet that environments needs. So it may or may not perform its best when you start switching up hardware.
  3. It was supposed to be a 16gb, but it swears it has 22.4gb free. Also, I have no startup disk or USB. The OS just came pre-installed.
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    You want at least a 64gb ssd to install widows on.
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  6. While inconvenient, you definitely just saved me a whole lot of trouble, thanks man.
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