A good, cheap mouse/keyboard?

Hi there, I recently built myself a gaming computer and paired my year old lenovo mouse and keyboard combo with it. Just recently, the mouse pointer stops moving (which is the most annoying thing in the world in the middle of a game of StarCraft 2) and the keyboard does not detect keys when I type them. I have had to press the key multiple times to get it to register. What I want is a sub-$30 keyboard/mouse combo. Wireless is preferred, but not required. I don't need all the programmable buttons you see in like Razer peripherals, I just want reliability so i won't have to buy a new mouse again. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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  1. have you already tried searching amazon? I also bought my accessories at MiniSuit and some Craiglist ads who offer cheap items :)
  2. perepherals do not last forever. you will have to buy another one at some point in time.

    personally i'd suggest investing in better components since typically cheap end items are garbage and very bad for ergonomics. i know some cheap keyboards are stiff and actually will increase the likelyhood that you will get carpal tunnel.

    at a minimum i would suggest a quiet touch type keyboard such as those offered by logitech and a standard led mouse. actually you may want to look at logitechs mouse + keyboard offerings. they are larger than your budget but its hard to go wrong with logitech.

    i would suggest a wired mouse and keyboard so you dont get any mouse or keyboard lag in game.
  3. I don't care about ergonomics. I realize that it's not going to last forever, but I would still like one that will last me a good year or two. Can you link to any keyboard/mice combos that you recommend? I'm okay without wireless if it reduces my mouse and kb lag. I am willing to stretch up to $50. but again, sub-$25 is preferred.
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