What information do I need to find a motherboard compatible with my case and processor?

The motherboard on my HP Pavilion H8 1360t is malfunctioning and it is out of warranty. I will have to replace it soon. However, the Pegatron IPMMB-FM motherboard seems to be an OEM board made specifically for HP and not widely available as a replacement part. Prices online are in the $200-300 range, which is more than I think is reasonable for this board.

I am considering replacing/upgrading the motherboard with a different manufacturer/model, but I don't know all of the information that I will need to make sure that my new motherboard is compatible with my processor and case.

I know that I will have to get a motherboard with a socket that will fit my i7-3770 processor. What other information will I need to ensure that my motherboard and processor are compatible?

What information will I need to ensure that my motherboard and case will be compatible? How can I check to make sure that my GTX 560Ti will fit (it is already quite a tight squeeze with the current motherboard)?

EDIT: Thanks for the replies so far. Some additional information and a secondary question. First, the case is microATX, so I don't think a full-size ATX board will fit. Second, does the switch from a Z75 to Z77 or Z87 chipset matter?
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    Hi, two good MB's for your CPU and it's compatible.

    Review here:

    If you are using a ATX cabinet than this MB will fit nicely, as well as your GPU.
  2. Make sure what kind of case you have (i.e ATX/mATX/uATX) and if you know that you can buy a motherboard.
    Your video card will just fit fine if your motherboard has a PCI-e x16 slot witch all the motherboards today have, it depends on your case if it will fit.
  3. If you are using a mATX case than the ATX MB will not fit. Find a mATX MB or a ATX case. And No, to your second question it will not matter switching chipset. The only thing is you may have to Repair-Install OS upon replacing the MB, as the drivers and controllers will not match.
  4. The switch from a Z75 to Z77 or Z87 chipset matters to Microsoft as your license for Windows is valid for the original motherboard but a different motherboard will probably need a new installation of Windows and a new license.

    Do you know the power requirements for a GTX 560Ti? Your problems may be due to using the wrong power supply.

    You may want to buy a bare ATX Mid-Tower case for about $50.
    There are over two hundred socket 1155 motherboards for sale at to choose from.
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