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I have a GIGABYTE GA-Z77-D3H Mobo and I recently installed a USB 3.0 slot & memory card reader for my 3.25" bay. However, when I unplugged it to trouble shoot, I noticed that one of my Pins were bent. So while trying to bend it back it snapped on me before i got the chance. So now I'm out of options. I don't really want to buy a completely new motherboard for one Internal USB 3.0 Connection. And i'm already using the ones on the back (and the PCI slot provided). I'm out of ideas on what to do.

I've thought everywhere from getting a capacitor and using it as a pin.
but with that I either have to do some very precise and micro soldering (which i have no experience doing) or use like Wire Glue that conducts.

or i can remove the port and swap it (more soldering and know-how that i do not possess).

It's been over a year and i highly doubt i can rma it or return it.

Any ideas?
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    depending on the pin that broke, you may not have front usb, one port may not work, one port will not have 5v, or both will not have 5v. or you broke the redundant gnd pin and everything is fine.
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