Newly built PC keeps rebooting without showing POST

So I'm quite the noob if it's about building your own PC, but I wanted a new one so I thought "whatever" and ordered my components.
I have had friends with more experience helping me order, but tey don't know how to solve my problem either.

I wired up everything correctly, installed CPU and cooler, etc..

Now when I start it up, the fans run for about 8 seconds and the while system shuts down again without showing anything on the screen.

A few seconds later it does this again and it continues like this in an infinite loop.

I have tried to google it and found more people with my problem, but none of the solutions I have found helped.

Also, because this is my first build, I keep thinking that it's something I have done wrong and not a faulty mobo or something, but of course this is entirely possible.

MSI Z77A-G43 gaming motherboard
Intel i5-3570K processor
Cooler master hyper 412S processorcooler
BitFenix Shinobi casing
EVGA NEX750G 750W modular PSU

I don't know if this is enough info, of course I will post more if it's necessary
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  1. Assuming the RAM you bought is dual channel. The motherboard you have is known to have a high defect rate out of the box.
  2. On a new mb it can be a few things. The first is the mb can't set the ram speed up right and goes into overclock failure you have two dimms try pulling one and see if the system post or try another dimm. The second issue is a dead short and the mb or power supply trying to save themself from smoking out. Check that you used all the mb standoffs and the mb not shorting out to the case. Check for drop screws under the mb. Check that the io shield not shorting the mb out. Check that you plugged in the right power cables into the eight pin pci power plug. Some new builders use the video card six plus two cable and not the right eight pin cable. The last issue is a bad power supply.the supply itself is turning on and off. Try checking outside the case with a case fan connected and jumpering the green wire to a black wire to have the power supply turn on.
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    Did you mount the motherboard on standoffs or raised bumps in the case (either, but not both)?
    With the power OFF, clear the CMOS to defaults by moving the Clear CMOS jumper for at least ten seconds to the Clear position; put it back and then see if it will power up properly.
    Disconnect the power and reset switches. Use a key or screwdriver to short the power switch pins. If it starts and stays on, the switch may be shorted.
  4. Did you installed the CPU with thermal paste applied properly ? Try the stock cooler instead of Cooler master hyper 412S. See how it works. Or breadboard the system. Good luck.
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