Computer crashing and low performance using amd a10 5800k dual graphics with 6670

My new built pc was running: windows 8 with msi a85xa-g65 mobo, AMD A 10 5800k ,1333mhz ram with a 430watt corsair psu with no gfx card ( only the APU) and it was smooth and I had no problems until I updated with better ram,a new psu 630 watt rosewill and GFX card to use dual graphics I have had nothing but problems and lower fps in games.

MY system specs are: AMD A10 5800k
ripjaws 2133 ram
rosewill 630 green psu
sapphire 6670 gfx
msi a85xa-g65 mobo
Windows 8
lite on cd drive
seagate 2tb 7200rpm hdd

I dont get any better FPS in minecraft in fact im getting worse fps. I get lower fps in games i should be getting higher and I know this because multiple videos,forums and benchmarks show the proof.

I would really like to get this solved as soon as possible so I can start uploading to youtube again. Theonlycstiles96

I bought this to do gaming and videos but it was sub par without he gfx card so I decided to upgrade and It has been worse than before I bought it.
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  1. the problem was in the bios and the hardware was conflicting
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