Triple monitor eyefinity isn't working right

hello everyone.
So i was playing world of warcraft in triple monitors and it worked.. but the image was squashed on all 3 screens. Then trying tera and BF3 ( both supported games ) i could only get the same image on all 3 montiors. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks
3 acer 1920x1080p monitors.
Update: Just went back into wow and that now won't even extend across all 3 screens. I went into the catalyst manager and set up all 3 displays.
Also my background seems to be zoomed in.
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    Try running it in DX9 in your graphics settings inside WoW. This was a problem in the past and it seemed DX11 was buggy when using Eyefinity in WoW..

    Run it in full screen mode if you aren't.

    Also what is that Max resolution the WoW gives you an option to use?
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