Best Recommended Gaming 3 Monitor Setup 27inch

I am looking for the best 27inch for 3 Monitor Setup. Please advise me on this one.
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    ASUS PB278Q is an incredible monitor for your needs. Wide viewing angles will be very useful when viewing the side monitors from a sharp angle, colour reproduction is excellent and with the Trace Free feature set to 40, exceptional pixel response.
  2. HP 27xi / 27bw are great 1920x1080 monitors or an equivilent phillips as my phillips is only 720p but gives such as sharp colour it looks like a 1080p screen
  3. Lol thanks guys for the answer, ive been very busy with my work. And today is the first welcome back day to tom's hardware. haha... So i just read this and decided to buy samsung S27A950DSL hahaha
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