Good yet cheap processor for adobe editing software and 1080p HD video.

Hi hardware professionals.

I'm quite the noob when it comes to processors, and which one will benefit me the best.
I don't even know if i'm directing this at the right people, deary me.

I want a new laptop for editing but i'm buying a mac in a years time so i wanted to know if you knew what processor would be able to handle Adobe Premiere/After effects as well as rendering for 1080p HD video files that isn't too pricey but would handle my needs for approximately 18 months?

I know it's specific but yeah, I need professional help with this.

Thanks pals :)
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    If you have more of a budget than i suggest the i7 3770k or i7 4770k (320$-350$). These cpu's allow a big range for overclocking and you can maximum performance out of the cpu. If your budget is on the lower side i would go with the i5 3570k or i5 4670k (220$-240$). Both allow also much head room for overclocking but are good cpus for editing and video rendering. If this is a big deal and you want maximum performance, such as the fastest rendering time and speedy performance, I would go with the first two options. i7's overall give you optimal rendering times and with intels new HD Graphics you can't go wrong with that for crisp picture quality. If not the i5's will work good as well. I mean if this is a job or a serious hobby you should go for the better cpu. You WILL be impressed by its ability in rendering and other complex tasks you throw at it :) Good luck!
  2. you realize he said laptop right?
  3. Best bang for your buck? Find something with a A10-4600M or A10-5750M if you can get your hands on one...shouldn't run more than about $600 tops and will be able to video edit, run some games at low/medium-ish settings @ 1080p.
  4. Do you have a specific budget? I do a ton of work with Adobe Premiere Pro, Lightroom, etc. My laptop has an i7-3610QM and a radeon 7850m. I can tell you that getting a laptop with a dedicated GPU for adobe programs can be a huge help. GPU acceleration is very useful in Premiere Pro, rendering all of your previews etc. The 4 cores and 8 threads are all utilized in premiere pro too.

    I'd get a laptop with a decent quad core i7 and a good dedicated GPU.
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