Need Help Picking Mechanical Keyboard!

I want to find a new keyboard to replace my atrocious Microsoft Ergonomic 4000. What's better than to get a new mechanical/gaming keyboard!?
I need help picking one because I'm new to mechanical keyboards.

Things I look for:
-Reasonable Price (preferbly <100)
-Full backlight
-Doesn't matter if it is 10 keyless or not
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    The CM Storm Quickfire with Cherry MX Red switches is a good option if you want full backlighting for $99
  2. For a good, cheap mechanical keyboard Coolermaster is your best bet. The other typical names like Ducky, Steelseries, Filco, Das all tend to inhabit the $120+ range.

    Make sure to pick a keyswitch colour that suits your purposes, the different colours do have different properties.
  3. Corsair's 2013 line-up is an excellent option, all with full aluminum bodies and a multitude of key switch options.
    This K65 keyboard by Corsair comes out on the 17th of July 2013, it is a micro keyboard but includes the full features of their more expensive options. And this specific keyboard is Cherry MX Red switches, which I find to be pleasing while gaming.

    It is $89.99, hope I helped.
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