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I'm looking to build a budget HTPC. I won't be gaming at all, just watching youtube, streaming movies, and watching downloaded blu-ray movies.
I'd like to keep the whole build at around $350 (case, Mobo, cpu, psu, RAM).

I'm looking suggestions on which micro ATX motherboard (must have HDMI port) and AMD CPU to go with.

I'll probably buy from
- Motherboards: http://
- CPUs: http://

Also, would the onboard graphics be sufficient for watching blu-rays, or should I invest in a dedicated graphics card?

Thanks for any suggestions,
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  1. TheN00bBuilder said:
    Here. Its really cheap;

    So it looks like I just need something basic for what I'm planning to use it for.
    Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. TheN00bBuilder said:
    Yep; just get something with HDMI and a dual core processor, and it will be great.

    What about audio processing? is it easy to have an HTPC be a passthrough and send the audio unmolested to outboard components? I have a Pioneer SC-57 and unless i drop serious cash on my HTPC i doubt it'll be able to process the audio anywhere near as well as my AVR. If it can't be sent to outboard processing, I assume the sound card (discrete or integrated) would do the processing?

    Also, any recommendations on
    1. a micro atx board that is quiet (this is for an HTPC afterall! :))
    2. a device/add-on etc for allowing a remote control to the HTPC (i am using an logitech harmony one for a remote)

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