Will HyperX Beast RAM's fit my ASUS B85-PLUS, and do i need cooling for them?

I am quite new at building computers and this is a topic i dont know very much about. It would make my day if anyone knew anythin about it!
Thanks in advance!
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  1. There's no need for tall ram , get lower profile modules , ram coolers are not needed.Taller modules are just for show.
  2. Don't forget to choose a Best Solution when opening a question thread , the forum members will appreciate that.Thanks for posting on the forum.
  3. Okay thank you, how can i difference the tall from the short? Except when looking at the picture?
  4. So pretty much anything that dosent have those are low profile? Or am i just asuming things to quickly?
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    your motherboard and more specifically your CPU supports up to DDR3 1600/1333.
    so you can get the cheapest by a good brand at 1333 speeds and go into your bios and use the xmp profile to get the 1600 speed or you by a 1600 speed unit and call it a day. low profile is better because they will not interfere with aftermarket CPU coolers but if you are not going to buy a new CPU cooler then any ram will do.

    SR-71 is right (per the usual) that the heat spreaders are not needed for ram and just look pretty. maybe if you pushing ram to the 3000 speeds then sure but very few do that and the reason is that you just do not need the extra speed with intel. AMD chips like the extra RAM speed but it is not needed for Intel.

    i would think something like this would work

    found this in a newegg email and it is a good deal

    hopefully Blackbird comes back and says I am right
  6. That set linked by fkr is a great deal and fit , for your board.( 2x4 )is the way to go, purchase them.
  7. I'll go with 1600. Im buying a 212 evo cooler for my I5-4670K.
    So from what i understand i dont need cooling.
    Thanks both of you!
  8. Sounds great , nice work fkr.
  9. Btw. how can i see if the RAM will fit my board?
  10. It is supported by your board , don't worry.
  11. Okay, but one problem.. I live in Denmark, so how much more does it cost to get the RAM shipped to Denmark?
  12. What online retailers can you use located in Denmark.
  13. and
  14. My board dosnt support higher than 1600mhz. Will these do?
    I like you Blackbird, you are extremly helpfull, thanks!
  15. I'oll get these thanks!
  16. No problem!!!!!!
  17. thanks for the follow through SR-71 Blackbird. This talk about memory got me to thinking if I could push my old ram sticks a little faster; so I have been reading up on it as I do not know much more about RAM overclocking than XMP bios settings
  18. Overclocking ram doesn't show no real world results most of the time.

    I stick with XMP for my best results.

    Any questions about ram ask forum member Tradesman.
  19. I will thanks.
    well I will actually just read about 100 different forum posts till I understand what everything is and how they relate.
    but these seem to be my possible timings.

    and this is where I am at

    i will go read some of tradesmans posts, thanks.
  20. He's a ram GOD...........
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