DELL Vostro 260 2120 Graphics and Power Supply

Hello, after reading earlier responses, I think I would need to upgrade both the power supply as well the graphics card to get the best resuts from my desktop. I am not into gaming, however, I do do a lot of photo and video editing. It is my understanding that a pciexpress 3.0 would work in a 2.0 motherboard, at the 2.0 speeds. The other issue in regards to power to the actual graphics card, I would need to upgrade the power supply. Am I headed in the wrong direction or does all this make sense ? Another question would be would it be cost effective to get the GDDR5 graphics cards, would my system be better off with this ? Or should I say can my system handle this ? Would the GDDR5 work and be a greater improvement than say a DDR3 graphics card ?

Right now I have a PNY 1gb Geforce 210 graphics card and the stock power supply at 300 watts. 8 gb memory and three hard drives.
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  1. FYI I upgrade the power supply to a 500 watt. I also got a EVGA GeForce GTX 650 (overclocked).

    My Windows stats went from 5.1 and 5.6 to 7.5
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