High Ping in online games!

Hi guys,
Topic is, Win7 Online Games CS:GO/LoL high ping spikes appear suddenly and wont stop (50-300 Ping). I did try many registry fixes for network/steam/games etc. ... I also scanned for leechers/spyware/malware. I need some serious help. ASAP I am really desperate. Ive been trying to fix it for the past 4 days. Any help is appriciated!!! ;):ange:

Edit: My ping is normally when i dont play kinda. But its not like in these tests. (INGAME)
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    Could be tough to track down. You could clear all your cookies from your browsers then make sure you have Windows Auto-updates turned off. You probably already ran CCleaner..... if not, try that also as it has a registry fix utility also.

    If it still persists, you could install a learning software firewall such as Comodo that will report/prompt you for all traffic. Change your wifi password and make sure other applications aren't attempting to update on their own. Monitor your processes in task manager.

    Also, in LoL..... I believe there is a check-box somewhere in the load screen options that limits or negates some kind of other traffic they want to barrow from you.
  2. Thanks for the respones,

    i tested cs:go again. And this is the result. I started of with a ping of 30-40 then suddenly it goes up to over 100. (ingame pic)
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