Cooling fan on top of graphic card.

Im currently having issues with my graphic cards. The temperature spikes from 50 to 90 C when palying games or randomly. At starts it had a constant 40 C and around it, all around.

I am looking forward to change the whole rig in the upcoming months but in the mean time i will have to use the current one.

A couple hour ago, after researching for a bit, i realized that my fan is the issue. When i turned the computer on the fan didn´t move at all even thought the graphic card gave image and pretty much worked but increasing in heat every 20 seconds. I turned the computer off and took off the card.

If you see the last comment about this idea of purchasing a case fan and ¨adding¨ it to the graphic card to cool it instead of the broken fan, do you think this might work for a couple of months? Which fan would do the trick? How could i attach it?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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  1. Well, you do not say what case you have. If there are mounting spaces for fans, place exhaust fans at the back and top, and intake fans in the front and side.
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    You could try installed MSI Afterburner; perhaps tinkering with the fan speeds on the GPU itself might help a bit.

    If that doesn't help, then it's time to survey proper airflow in your case. Onus already pinpointed the major points. Side fans are, generally, optional (and tricky) but do provide some extra cooling for the GPU and motherboard. (I say tricky, because sometimes side fans are louder, both because of where they are placed and because of the sound of the airflow.)
  3. The fan seems to be failing and it isnt turning on along with the machine. The microprocessor seems to be doing fine, it works after all.

    The fan opposes some resistance when i ¨force¨it to spin.

    I fulfilled a warranty report already but i do not know if they will accept it, refund it or swap it with another.

    In any case i have thought about purchasing a case fan and somehow make it blow directly into the heatsink.

    Think this would work for at least a couple of months?
  4. According to this the idea might work, yet i remain uncertain. I would really appreciate a third opinion about this.
  5. There are third-party VGA coolers available, just as there are for CPUs. You could get one of those and put it on.
  6. The fan is useless. The only option i got are either find a replacement or find another way of cooling the GPU without the fan.

    Im really considering the VGA Coolers. Think this one might do the trick for a couple of months?
  7. You haven't said what card you have, but assuming it isn't really high-end, something like this would be sufficient:
  8. Im sorry. My graphic card is a XFX Radeon HD 6870 and, once again, im sorry for sort of changing my mind. Im not sure if just to buy a cooler when i can find a replacement fan (I suppose it isnt better). The thing is all i can find are ones with a 40mm mounting holes when the ones in my heatsink are 39mm.
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