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Windows 7 network. I want one computer to keep files that other computers need access to read and modify. Simple, right? Done this plenty of times with XP and have managed to do it successfully with a 7 machine and an XP machine. So, I am confused as to why I am having difficulty now.

First I made sure a Homegroup was in place, Network Discovery On and Sharing enabled. Then did the simplest sharing method - right clicked on the folder, selected Share and With Homegroup. Made sure it was set for Read/Write. Went to the other computer and looked, the folder was not available.

So, after some searching I tried this method: I created a shortcut to the shared folder on the other computer's desktop and I can see the files in the shared folder and I can open them. I just can't change them. If I try to save a file that has been edited or drag and drop a new file into the shared folder, I get a message stating I do not have permission to do so. I have checked the permissions multiple times and come back with the same results.

Can anyone please offer up some suggestions?

Thank you.
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    This may have a new things happening.

    First off, Windows Vista/7/8 do not have normal accounts as such so you have to add the NTFS permissions(security tab) with your actual account name and not just the Admin Group(as it may be by default).

    If both system have the same login and password, this is about all that is needed when using advanced sharing.

    So short recap.

    1. NTFS permissions need to have your actual account(the one that I hope you have common to both systems. I do NOT believe in the idea of giving the everyone group anything but READ if needed)
    2. Share permissions set to your name(advanced sharing).

    I would not use homegroups with XP in the system.

    Example Image(the $ just makes the share not show up, linux users can see it either way. Only the one account has access to it, but if the same account is on multiple systems it will work from all the systems)

    If you find the XP system is loosing contact with the Win7 shares from time to time, please try this on the sharing system.
    That worked 100% for me with no downsides that I have seen.

    Also, mapping a network drive allows you to always be ready to use files on the other system when you login(if you tell it to reconnect),
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