Will the 760 be able to run next-gen games on High-Ultra settings?

Will it be able to run games like Battlefield 4, GTA 5, And most of the other next-gen games on high-ultra settings?


P.S. Should i get the 770 or is the 760 better for its price?
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  1. The 760 is more than enough and can easily run bf4 on ultra settings with 60 fps.

    The gtx 770 is a great card but it is better to save your money and instead probably upgrade your processor to an i5-4670k or i7 with the extra cash.
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    It depends on ur budget, they both are great value cards but in different price range. If u want a $250 then 760 is best, if u want $350 then 770. 760 can run most games on ultra(1080p) and some very demanding games on high. 770 can run all games on ultra. 770 is 20% faster than 760.,3107-4.html,3107-5.html
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