Motherboard Rear/ Front Panel Audio Problem

Hi, I just built myself a gaming PC the other day and I am very happy with it. So yesterday I plugged my gaming headset in the front panel and found that I have nothing but static for audio! I downloaded a Realtek driver and found that didn't work either. I played around with my HD Audio and AC 97 headers and found out that that didn't work either. I plugged into the rear panel but I got the same static sound but only worse! I also made sure it is set on HD Audio on my driver AND BIOS. So for now I have to use SPDIF to HDMI so I can use the audio output that's on my monitor. Any suggestions on how I could get audio from the panels? maybe it's something in the BIOS. I would really like use my microphone from my headset.

Windows 7 Home Prenium 64 bit.
Cooler Master 431 Elite Plus
Asus P8Z77-V PRO
i7 3770k (Not OC'd)
Gigabyte HD 7950
Seasonic 850 watt.
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    1) Is THIS the Realtek software you installed from your motherboard support site?
    Realtek Audio Driver V6.0.1.6699 for Windows 7/8 32bit & 64bit.(WHQL)

    2) If stuck, try booting to an Ubuntu DVD to see if audio works without static. If it doesn't, you either have damaged hardware or a grounding issue.

    If the problem goes away in Ubuntu then it's not a hardware issue. It's a driver of other software issue with Windows.
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