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My friend's brother decided to restrict internet access via MAC Address filtering through their router settings after a certain time, but his job requires him to be working remotely even at late hours. How does he bypass this? He changed his MAC Address but now he can't browse the web or login to certain programs but VoIP works.
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    Mac filtering is a waste of time mostly. All you do is change the mac address of the end device to one in the allowed list. Somethings are easy to change and other like on a phone or something are very hard.

    Still if you have done this then it is likely there is a rule on the router that prevent ALL users from using it after a certain time. It could be the mac address is only used to limit who can connect.....but it is better to limit connection with WPA
  2. Is there a way to change mac addresses in WIFI devises ? I mean usb , pci cards, is there any program or firmaware to do it ?
  3. Many the driver has a option to change it, almost all the wired ones do. It is getting more common but not all wireless do. This is the microsoft I will put my head in the sand attitude to security. Because you can't easily change it on windows they think this solves the problem. This is just like they disable the command that put a wireless adapter in promiscuous mode on wireless cards. There is software that changes most chipset but I don't know off the top of my head. Ubuntu of course you can change it and since I run most my windows in virtual machines part of the virtual machine setup lets you put in whatever mac you please.
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