i5 3570k and asrock z77 extreme 4 should i do it
i been waiting to up grade my motherboard and cpu for a wail now my budget is 350 and i was thinking of buying these cause its a ok price with free shipping or should i wait?
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  1. Both the cpu and motherboard are still solid quality bits with great performance, so if the price is right, id say go for it.
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    I must say you made a very good choice.
    The prices are very reasonable for both CPU and Motherboard (CPU Costs $225 and Motherboard costs $ 145).

    Go for this build. Remember to overclock the CPU (Purchase a good cooler too).
    The motherboard is one of the best and most durable motherboards out there. I would suggest this configuration to anyone out there due to high overclocking capabilities of Ivy Bridge which makes it somewhat better than Haswell counterpart if overclocked correctly.
  3. thank you i just needed someone else to say go for it lol
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