Asrock X-fast RAM at 32 bit

I have 8GB RAM and have planned to get 8GB more. I just installed win7 ultimate 64 bit. Is this config better or should i use 32bit with Xfast ram?
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  1. With 32-bit Windows, less than 4 GB of the memory would be usable.
  2. Windows 64bit with 16Gb of ram no question about it. !
    As said a 32bit os will only use 4gb of the memory, so it would be a waste.
  3. Asrock claims that it's X-fast ram technology does not let the extra ram in a 32 bit system go to waste and that i can put as much ram as i like.
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    Yeah... I'm not totally convinced it'll work all that well though, but anyway - X-Fast RAM works with 64-bit Windows too, so there's no reason to use a 32-bit version.
  5. Best go 64bit, more you use the computer, more you'll prob want more DRAM
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