i5 3570K First Time Overclocking.

Hi everyone this is my first time attempting overclocking and I am worried I may damage my processor. It would be great if some of you overclocking veterans could help me out.

Here are my system specs:
i5 3570K (Currently at 4.0GHz)
Asrock Extreme4 Z77 Motherboard
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
Cooler Master HAF 912 (With a extra 200mm fan mounted on the top)

(Comment if you need any more specs)

I having turned off Intel SpeedStep and TurboBoost and keep the voltage set to auto, I also set the multiplier to 40. I have been running Prime95 Blend for about 30 minutes with stable temps and a stable voltage:

Are these temperatures safe? (I was at around 55 Celsius with Prime95 Blend at stock clock)

Is it weird that 2 cores are hotter than the others?

Will overclocking give a decent performance boost?

Did I do anything wrong?

Will I end up damaging my processor?

Please leaves your suggestions and tips below and if you need any more information just ask.
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  1. turn on turbo and speed step. you are wasting power that way.

    your temps look fine. try 4.2 and 4.4 and see what you get. anything above 80 is a no no
  2. Can you please explain to me what Intel SpeedStep and Turbo do? Also I am really not worried about power costs currently.
  3. Anyone have any other suggestions?
  4. Best answer
    speed step allows your CPU to downclock itself to save power whenever you dont need the power such as when idling or web browsing. running at 4ghz constantly will suck down on unnecessary power

    turbo is kind of related to speedstep in that it will up clock itself from a stock speed. for the i5, the stock speed is 3.4ghz and the turbo is 3.8. in the biso, it will automatically display itself as running at a 38 multiplier. just turn it back on. there is no reason to turn it off
  5. From what I have read having the CPU constantly change speeds isn't good for it and it will have a longer lifespan if you keep it at a steady clock rate.
  6. nope. its like running your car engine at 5000rpm constantly even when you are idling
  7. Would it be OK to only have SpeedStep so it underclocks the CPU when I'm not doing anything CPU intensive and when I am it will go back to my 4GHz and then I won't have to worry about Turbo clocks and stuff like that?
  8. just turn them both on. they were meant to be always on anyways
  9. Ok I have them both on and I set my multiplier to 42 so I am running a 4.2GHz with temperatures around 65-70 Celsius while running Prime95 blend. Are these temperatures safe? Also is it ok that I am keeping my voltage on auto?
  10. auto is fine for the most part but if you are going for higher clocks, it will sometimes swing randomly causing your computer to crash

    4.2ghz is fine. just make sure voltages arent a ton higher than what you have for a 4.0ghz overclock
  11. My voltages are about 0.02 V higher at load than they were at 4GHz. Is this normal?
  12. yeah thats normal. im talking about large increases such as 0.1v
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