Cannot Find USB in my computer

Update 1:

Windows 7

I plugged in my USB, herd the sound to show that it was connected. but when I opened my computer, it wasn't there! when I take it out again, it also plays the jingle as well. It is normally in drive F. When I checked the safety remove, it wasn't there

I then trued it on my laptop, which yielded slightly better results. It showed my drive F as soon as i plugged it in, but when I clicked it, it just said "insert disk into removable disk (F:)" When i opened the properties, it showed that there was no used space and no free space either. When I plug it in, a thing at the bottom will say, driver software detected. (or something like that) When I click for more details, it says that the USB has installed correctly. Also, drive F was in the safety remove.

I checked with a friends laptop which runs Windows 8 and it had the exact same results as the first one, also with the declaration, that it had successfully installed.

There are a lot of important things in that USB, and if there is no good solutions, can someone recommend a non-dodgy English recovery software that I could use to get my items back?

Thanks for your time!

Update 2:

OH yeah, and it was working perefctly fine that morning.

Update 3:

Ok, I am starting to suspect this is some sort of virus. Recently, I got another perfectly fine USB and plugged it into this computer. I used it a few times, and it worked fine, and then, it suffered the exact same problem as the first one. (This time, I backed it up. I learnt my lesson before) New question: Does anyone know what virus this could be? And is there a free non-dodgy english virus scanner which will fix this for me?

Something else to note is that I do have snapdo (yes, that annoying homepage hijacker thing) that I can't disintall. Despite many websites saying that I should, I can't find it in my programs in control panel.

I also recently also moved my computer to a new spot. Would the reconnecting of some wires have something to do with this?

Thanks again
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  1. You could try recuva but with it showing no space, it's most likely completely dead and there is nothing you can do about it.
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    Is this a hard drive or flash drive? If a hard drive, remove it from the case and plug it into a PC directly. If a flash drive, you probably can't do anything unless you bring it to a repair shop that can open it up and replace hardware, if the issue is with the USB connections. If it's with the memory, nothing can be done.

    Do not store your only copy of files on an external drive, they have a higher failure rate than internal drives due to being moved around and pluged/unpluged all the time. External drives really should be used for backups and transfering files between places.
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