i5 4430 on a GA-z87m-d3h

Will i be able to overclock a core i5 4430 on a m/b GA-Z87M-D3H from 3.0 to 3.4 GHz with stock cooler without having any problem?
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  1. The i5-4430 will have a locked multiplier. The best you could do is force the turbo mode on at all times. The stock cooler may not be adequate to doing that continuously under load.

    For proper over-clocking you will need an i5-4670k and a decent heatsink. Your motherboard is already the overclocking type.
  2. i know but can i overclock that locked CPU by 400mhz? i dont think that its a huge overclock but its decent
  3. No, it would run at 3.2Ghz max in turbo mode. Stock is 3.0Ghz.

    You might be able to eek a tiny bit more out of it with BCLK modifications, but that usually results in instability. Would only gain maybe 100Mhz anyway.
  4. should i go then with Core i5 3470 3.2ghz with GA-P75-D3 board? because you can overclock that CPU with about 200-400mhz and it will outperform I5 4430
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    Not really, they would probably be about the same effective speed. You do gain about 10% performance going from 3rd gen to 4th gen chips.

    What is this attempt with overclocking the locked processors? If you are interested shell out the extra 50 bucks for the K series and run it at 4 something Ghz.

    Now there are a few vendors that have revealed that you can overclock a K series processor on a select few H87 and B85 motherboards, which would save you about $50. I laid out some options below, but to overclock you pretty much need a K series chip.

    Z77 + 3570k + a decent cooler(hyper evo 212) = $370
    Z87 + 4670k + a good cooler (noctua NH-D14)= $450
    Z87 + 4430 = $325
    H87 + 4430 = $270
  6. well i tend to want only minor overclocks of 400mhz max to get it as "free juice" so will it work out well?
  7. Any locked processor can be forced to run at it's rated turbo mode, so yes, you could get a 3470 and run it at 3.6Ghz all the time.
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