overclocking the fx 6350

hello guys.i would like to ask if i will be able to overclock my fx 6350 to 4,5 ghz with the hyper 212 evo..

Asrock 970 Extreme4
Corsair 700W GS Edition
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    Yep, you should be able to. Depends on how lucky you are, regarding the overclockability of your particular chip (AKA the silicon lottery).

    You should be able to get to 4.2ghz with no problems, but after that it's all down to luck.

    Good luck! :P
  2. Stayed up late last nite messing with my fx6350, i have a msi 970a g43 board, with stock voltage i got my fx6350 to a stable 4.4 ghz, ran stress test for 5 hours and alls good,
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