Which Version Of The Lenovo Y500??

There are so many Varieties of the same laptop. So i'm having a hard tym finding the right one!!
Ie: when i type Lenovo Y500, on ebay......there comes latops with different specs and prices.

So i need Help from u Guys in this matter.
I can give u the specs and features i need, and then can u guys eithr Give me a Link or code number for the Particular Lenovo Y500??

3rd gen Core i7 3630qm
16GB ram
1920x1080p Full HD resolution
1TB 5,400rpm HDD
Nvidia GT 650m SLI
Blu-Ray burner
Windows 8
2xUSB 3.0
2xUSB 2.0
Dual JBL Dolby Speakers
720p HD Webcam with Mic for Skype
Red Backlit Keyboard

Thats it i guess!!
So anyone known the Code Name for this Y500 specs??
Pleaz Let me Know

Thanks In Advance For any Help Provided :)
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    Why not order it directly from That way you can configure it to however you please.
  2. Plus you will get a better price from Lenovo than Newegg.
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