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Hi guys, Im planning on buying hardware for all of this soon online(newegg) and instore. If I were to buy them all and have them ready to assemble, would I run into any technical issues, or incompatibility issues? I plan on doing some crysis 3 as well as cpu intensive like SC2 and LoL. Also would there be any bottlenecking with the 4gen cpu and the gpu? I dont look to max everything out, but a decent fps at 1080p is what Im trying to shoot for. Am I on the right track?
If this could be answered I'd really appreciate
First Gaming Build yet and thnx
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  1. That's a good build. It'll max most games on 1080p except for Crysis 3 and Far cry 3 (etc), where you'll probably have to play on "very high" settings.

    I'd change the PSU to an XFX 550W though - some of the best PSUs around, and not too expensive either :D
  2. alright Ill change that, i was skeptical about rosewill anyway, one more question, is my gpu slightly upgradable, but around +/- 30$ range? I've been considering the GTX 660 Ti, but im not sure if it's really a difference in performance, and this radeon gpu has a nice big fan, so right now im eyeing that Ti... Is it wise to do so?
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    GTX 760.

    It's 50$ more, but a very worthwhile investment.
  4. JRAtk94 said:
    GTX 760.

    It's 50$ more, but a very worthwhile investment.

    alrighty, just making sure everything compatible and no problems
    thanks again for the parts
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