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In planning a New Build I came across posts as to how to enable GPUs not listed as supporting CUDA on the Adobe site.
My question is why - if all it takes is typing in the name of a GPU not on the list- does Adobe not list them in the 1st place?
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  1. Could just be possible a certification issue a company that big may actually test each card that is listed. If they don't have the card on hand or the time to test it probably why its not on the list. Some people /companys pay thousands of dollars for there application if they were to list a card that they didn't actually test and found out there was some bug they probably could be Sued by a company since it was on there list (granted you can Sue for anything these days).
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    Some GPU's have not been fully qualified.
    So it is up to you to decide whether or not you want the program to use said card.
    That way if there are errors in the program,you are the one is is responsible.
    IE using a gaming card instead of a Quadro card for production work is not a good Idea. It does not have certified drivers.
  3. It's pretty similar to the QVL (qualified vendor list) that motherboard manufacturers put out. Developers don't have the time or resources to test every single product out there (even a company the size of Adobe), so what they do is give you a general range of what works or what doesn't. The newest versions won't show up on that list for a while.
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