840 or 840 pro? £900 build

Getting my new gaming build this weekend and I'm still unsure on the SSD. It currently looks like this :
I'd firstly like to get your opinions on whether or not I should get the 840 series in the first place. I'll be using it for boot and maybe a few games so will 128gb be the right size? Finally, is the extra cash worth it for the 840 pro - considering the price of this build?
Please also note that I won't be writing much to make videos etc.
Thanks, onsmirnov
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    For regular usage, you don't really notice the difference between a fast SSD like the 840 Pro and a slow SSD (and the regular 840 isn't THAT slow anyway). So I would recommend the cheaper 840. Or perhaps another affordable SSD like the Plextor M5S or Sandisk Ultra Plus.

    128 GB is the right size for Windows and a few games/programs.

    If you do pick a cheaper SSD, you could use the money for a better motherboard with more power phases. Like the Asus Z87-A.
  2. the only difference between the two is the write time for the pro. since you only have 128gb and im assuming they are for current games and your os and that doesn't take up that much space i would recommend the 840 not the 840 pro
  3. Actual game performance will not benefit from a faster drive. But it will load a lot faster. Thus I recommend buying the normal 840, and spending the rest on a good dinner... I mean motherboard.
  4. Not to clear on motherboard specifics but I'll definetly go with the 840 and probably the asus z87-A based on your feedback. Thanks for your time and help :D
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